Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameDieter Weißbrodt2
Birth11 Feb 1936, Eisleben2,143
Death18 Jan 2012, Massachusetts, USA143 Age: 75
EducationDrury High School143
OccupationInsurance agent143
Adr. 1939Karl-Rühlemann-Platz 4 (ehemals Platz d. 30. Januar), Eisleben2
Exil29 Apr 1940, Genua > New York142 Age: 4
Adr. 1945ffBerkshire, Massachusetts, USA144,145
MotherHenriette Berta Heine (1905->1965)
Spouse(Living, Female) Sherman
Military notes for Dieter Weißbrodt
US Army143
Notes for Dieter Weißbrodt
Deutsche Minderheiten-Volkszählung 1939
Dieter Weißbrodt
Geschlecht: männlich
Geburt: 11. Feb. 1936 Eisleben, Germany
Wohnsitz: Mai 1939 Eisleben, Germany
Name Alter
Jankel-Kopel Weißbrodt 38
Berta Weißbrodt 33
Dieter Weißbrodt 374
Name: Dieter Weissbrodt
Aufnahmedatum: 29. Apr 1940
Geschätztes Geburtsjahr: ca. 1936
Alter: 4
Geschlecht: Male (Männlich)
Abreisehafen: Genoa, Italy (Italien)
Ethnische Herkunft/Rasse/Nationalität: German (Deutsch)
Schiff: George Washington
Ankunftshafen: New York, New York
Geburtsort: Germany (Deutschland)
Zeile: 6
Seriennummer des Mikrofilms: T715
Nummer der Mikrofilmrolle: T715_6462
Geburtsort: Germany (Deutschland)
Andere Geburtsorte: Eisleben
Seitennummer: 60
Name des Freundes: Sophie Hochman142
2008: Staatlicher Registrierungsindex der USA
Name: Dieter Weissbrodt
Geburtsdatum: Feb 1936
Wohnort: 194 E Quincy St
Ort: North Adams
Bezirk: Berkshire
Bundesstaat: Massachusetts
[...] They left in 1940. My Dad had family here in the states that had immigrated earlier. He was the last of his family in Germany. They constantly wanted him to immigrate, but since he had a going business, he was reluctant. He did tell me some stories of the Nazis and when he saw a particularly horrid incident, he decided it was time to leave. I assume he was sponsored by relatives and when we left, we traveled to Genoa and left on an American ship., "The Washington". It was April, 1940. According to my folks, the ship was stopped by a German sub at Gibraltor and some Germans were removed. When we arrived in New York, we lived with relatives for a short time. But my parents were used to living in a small town and went to Massachusetts where my father's sister lived. We have been here since. My parents are deceased. My father was 65 and passed in 1965, my mother died at age 63 in 1968. Both from cancer. My father remained a tailor all of those years. 141
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